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Sunday 12th April 2020

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Sunday 12th April 2020

Week 3 in Lockdown….I don’t know about anyone else but at the time it is going so slow, but in other ways I cannot believe it’s been 3 weeks.

We have had Easter since then, gained 900lbs and forgot what the days of the week are!

Let’s have our weekly roundup of week 3.

The BIG NEWS of the week is the new drinking establishment soon to open called COVID not so 19…Sheltons…When we say soon, we are all praying it will be this side of Christmas…I think one of the toughest things about this is not seeing your friends and family. This is an incredibly kind gesture to welcome everyone back together again and to have a celebration. Sometimes we all need something to look forward to…and this is SADRC exciting times ahead! Thank You Sheltons….

(saying this, and certainly off track, an old man that lives next to my Gran in an old persons complex, my dad spoke to him and said when this is over, he will take him to Richmond, where he served in the war. His eyes lit up, as he has never been that far North since. Everyone needs something to look forward to…whereas I on the other hand, has Easter Sunday on my mine due to the fact I could eat bread again…yes it was amazing, yes the pizza was great, and yes the garlic bread was even better!!!)

This week’s happy news was Ian Walkers fantastic story transformation he shared with the group! Anyone who knows Ian knows what a fantastic achievement this is. Ian thanks many people such as Steph Scott, Dawn Allen and Charlotte Armsby! The most impressive news is that Ian has got rid of Diabetes….this is incredible news and one we are so happy to share with you! Keep up the good work….never know what the rest of the year will bring!!

Lora Hawkins organised another FANTASTIC virtual ParkRun this week. The numbers are gaining each week and this week there was a fantastic 36 runners complete this! No more, no less than 5km! Angela Thompson and Chris Hurst came in first lady and man….but lets be honest, in theory we all came in first Man or Women in our area (I laughed in my head) Adam Patrick, Dave Kenyon and Dawn Allen all achieved 5km PBs which is amazin!! It was the amazing weather we had at the weekend that encouraged so many people to get out and get moving! Again its having structure in your week which is such a fantastic thing and something to look forward too. Same time on Saturday….9am…5km…no more no less :D

Georgina Bache decided to drive everyone insane again, by finding a different cat! I won’t lie, I didn’t even look, there was a search for a Dragon earlier in the week which I found but I get obsessed, and once you start looking you can’t rest until you have finished :D It was decided this cat also had no tail….whats with the tailess cats at the moment!!!

Robin Harrisons task last week was to find some trial routes and run them basically. Sarah Coupland got involved, as did the Sheltons, Becky Lee and Leanne Rickett! The beautiful thing about this time, if we can say this, is the chance to go and try and find those new routes, you have always wanted to but never had the time! The more secluded the route, the better at the moment. So many people finding new and beautiful routes where they live.

This week’s debate was the big ARE THESE SHOES PINK? With Martin Champan. We have had a variety of different opinions. Martin obviously thinking they are crimson, we had a suggestion they could be salmon, maybe coral, but let’s be honest, without a shadow of a doubt…they were pink!

A lot of runners are finding it hard to get motivated. There was a post to show the incredible journeys so many people have been on and to use this as their own motivation! Louise Darrington started the weight loss journey off with her post, followed by Emma Marshall-Telfer, Guy Hatton, Sam Fox, the Hearns and Lee Cook! Seeing how much running has changed their life, and how AMAZING they look now (not that they didn’t before) is such inspiration! No matter your shape, size, height, as long as you are happy than nothing else matters :D

Also...Dave Kenyon FINALLY got his free Leeks! Next LOCKDOWN CRAZE...LEEKS!!!

Fun Fact, did you know they have had to de-grade bananas because so many people bought them, and used all the supplies, they have had to accept and start selling green bananas! WHO KNEW!

During this time I would like to make a big SHOUT OUT to all the amazing NHS employees at the moment. Key mentions to our own NHS workers such as Anna Watson, Ian Scott and Steph Scott just to mention a few. You are doing such an amazing job, and making us all so proud….THANK YOU for everything you are doing!! <3

Another big thank you to everyone else who is making the world go round at the moment. Chris Sweeney for the fantastic work you are doing with your care home and keeping everyone safe there! Thank You for what you are doing! Also to our resident agronomist Mark Lyon, who is keeping us all provided with fresh vegetables....THANK YOU! Anyone else who works in the supermarkets, lorry drivers, teachers, we cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing!

If you see any Key Workers whilst out and about, shout thank you! YOU ARE AMAZING!

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