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Sunday 13th June 2021

Sunday 13th June 2021

Well we did ask for the sunshine, and boy oh boy we got the sunshine!

Lots to talk about this week, with fantastic running superstars everywhere!

Virginia Watson traveled to the Yorkshire Moors to compete in the Pennine Barrier Ultra 50 Mile. An epic 50 mile ultra-marathon with 2593m of ascent and fusing together some of the finest trails in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Ginny completed the race in just over 13 hours and was over the moon with how the event went! Ginny ran the ultra-marathon to raise money for Teach First; A teaching course very close to her heart, raising over £1000 for the cause to provide fair access to students and aspiring teachers to a fair education!

We had not one but 2 ultra-marathoners this weekend. Louise Darrington ran the Greensand Country Ultra Trail Event 50km. The 50km which is 95% trial is the first of its kind in the area and takes you through the finest countryside Bedfordshire has to offer. Louise ran an incredible race finishing the course in just over 6hours! What a day to race but with excellent support, and a BBQ to follow... Perfect weekend!

Grimsthorpe Gallop

Various distances but still around the same beautiful location; Grimsthorpe Castle. The 4 routes take you past various delights within the private grounds including the castle, lake, tree lined tarmac avenues, ancient woodland along grassed paths and a Victorian railway culvert.

Gill Parkes took part in the 5km finishing in 45:59.

9 runners took part in the 10km with Dave Kenyon finishing first for SADRC with a time of 55:31. Lora Hawkins came back as the first lady for SADRC in a time of 1:07:27 with Selina Newton a second behind. Sally Sharpe, Graham Farley, Roenel Kenyon, Helena Shelton, Elaine Blaire and Treena Atkin all completed the 10km race in the scorching heat with good times.

4 SADRC runners ran the half marathon route with Chris Hurst finishing first for SADRC with a time of 1:52:21 followed by Leanne Rickett in 1:57:52. Janine Baker and Ian Kocko are continuing their ultra-marathon training for their “Race to the Stones” in a few weeks and finished the race in a time of 2:21:28.

Elsewhere in Peterborough was a delayed Peterborough 10km: Midsummer 10km. Dawn Allen finished under the hour in 59:20. Dawn loved the event and enjoyed being back to racing again. This event was even more special as it was a family event running it with her brother and sister. They are already ready for the next one!


Tuesday @ Spilsby 6:30pm

Wednesday @ Horncastle 6:30pm

Thursday @ Skegness 6:30pm

Thursday @ Boston 6:30pm

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