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Sunday 15th October 2023

York Marathon!

A big congratulations to our runners who attended the York Marathon. Mark Lyon, Julie Goodwin and Rebecca Atkinson.

Rebecca Atkinson ran a PB marathon, under the weather, in an incredible time of 4:!8:36. Rebecca has been raising money Andys Man Club which is a great charity to raise awareness of mental health in men. Rebecca was "over the moon" with this run. Taking the pressure off yourself to run PBS, and just going out enjoying the moment, sometimes really brings out the best running in you!

Mark Lyon using all the runs for training for his Iron Man next year! Mark ran in 3:39:23 which is fantastic, but as Mark says, never take the marathon for granted. Running up to 20 miles is always good, but its the last 10km which is the killer. Fantastic running though!

As always, Julie Goodwin. A runner who always runs under the radar ran another marathon! Julie ran in 5:44:10 a fantastic run around the streets of York. A wonderful achievement. Congratulations to all our marathon runners!

The Marathon was joined with York 10 Miler. Luke Haynes, who runs for York whilst at University, ran an incredible race running a 10km PB in a time of 34:28 finishing the 10 miler in a time of 56:45. Luke finished 18th in the overall race. Watching Luke grow and improve his running has been incredible this year. Steven Dowse joined Luke on the course and ran his 2nd quickest 10 miler in York in a time of 58:35 finishing 30th. Both gentleman ran very impressive times, congratulations.

Peterborough Half Marathon.

Normally a very wet day, but the sun shone, albeit slightly chillier than normal.

The Carpenters attended the event and boy did they show them how to do a running day! Derrick finished in a time of 1:33:10. Always a great runner but trumped this weekend by the ladies in his life. Fearne Carpenter ran her first ever half marathon in an impressive 2:14:56. Fearne is a natural runner, and in club nights is always with the leading pack. That time is only going to improve come more races and we are looking forward to watching it go down!

Kate ran a fantastic race and ran under 2 hours for the first time ever. Not just slightly, but running well under 2 hours in a time of 1:58:04. What incredible running from the family.

Simon Wise also attended the Peterbough Half Marathon with a PB race time of 1:29:56 getting under than sub 1hour30 time. An incredible time from Simon smashing all his PBs from 10km. Fantastic!

Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon! What a marathon to do! Racing alongside a section of the famous Roman frontier wall, built by the Emperor Hadrian. That is pretty epic. Congratulations to Angela Thompson who ran this race. It is a hard race as its one long 13.1 mile route but what a beautiful route it must be (I mean, I haven't done it, so I dont know, but it looks beautiful.) Angela finished in 2hr06 which, as this was her first race of the year, is a fantastic time. Congratulations!

NB: I have had a google, and you get a beer in your goodie bag! Maybe add this to the runs to complete?!

What a weekend full of PBs. But running at the weekend doesnt always have to be a race. Kirsty Boulton and Amy Mitchell also ran with the Cranwell Bloodhounds. An alternative way to run and get your miles in over the weekend!

There was also a club social run on Sunday in the chilly hilly hights of Fordington. Social runs are a great way to get your miles in along with friends....and have a chat which normally finishes with a cup of tea, beer or cake! Keep an eye on the FB page or organise your own! Everyone is always welcome to organise group runs at the weekend. Take us on an adventure in our own home area!

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