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Sunday 16th June 2024

This weekend saw Rebecca Atkinson and Steven Dowse head up north for Grim Up North’s Summer Extravaganza and the weather certainly lived up to it!

Steven took on the 10k, having a great race coming home in first place in an impressive 36.55 - congratulations Steven!

Meanwhile, Rebecca took on the full marathon - finishing in a fantastic 4.48.17…not bad for a training marathon Rebecca!

Rebecca, said: ‘It was an awesome event with lots of fab treats at the finish, I’d definitely recommend Grim events.

‘Thanks to everyone for the support.’

Alan Fountain headed to Norfolk for the Sandringham half marathon trail run.

Alan had a great run, finishing in 2.05.06, a seasons best by 7 minutes!

He said: ‘It was a lovely underlating course a bit wet. We ran through one little storm but after that it was ok.‘

Great running everyone, let’s hope the weather soon gets the memo it’s summer!

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