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Sunday 17th May 2020

Sunday 17th May 2020

Following the previous week’s success on team events, this week led to another great event. The 12 hour relay! 4 team, across 4 sites competed to run as many miles as they can throughout the 12 hour period. Each team was made up of 12 one hour time slots. The idea simple, run as far as you can for each hour, and whoever has racked up the most miles, wins!

Horncastle, Skegness, Boston and Spilsby. 8am start, the teams were ready to go!

After 4 hours, Horncastle Bulls took an early lead with 28.31 miles followed by Spilsby Strides with 24.83 but with only 7 miles between first and forth, it was all to play for. Horncastle went with their quickest first; would this be a tactic that would pay off?!

8 hours into the challenge, Spilsby Striders (53.09) and Skegness Crowns (52.81) both over took Horncastle Bulls (50.50). But with Boston Royals at 50.12 miles, the gap was closing between all four teams!

10 hours down, 2 to go. Everyone was enjoying watching the race unfold and spent the day on the Facebook page following the action. After each update post, messages flooded in of Good Luck and Keep Going, it was a real atmosphere on the page! Spilsby Striders had maintained 1st place (65.28) but Boston Royals had leaped frogged into second with 64.57. But there was less than 3 miles between 1st and 4th place for the final two runners of each team! Can Spilsby Striders hold onto first position!

Well, it was tense. I for one can confirm running in last position had never been so nerve wracking! It was like race day all over again! The vest went on and I went for it. The results were in...*DRUM ROLL*

Spilsby Striders came in first with 79.20 miles by only 0.31 of a mile! Horncastle Bulls were just beaten and came in a strong second place. Skegness Crowns finished 3rd with 76.74 and Boston Royals followed closely behind with 75.14. The most amazing thing was 12 runners, of all different abilities, all it came down to was 4 miles! That’s it!!

A HUGE Thank You to Andy Shelton who organised the race whilst converted many, many distances from KMs to Miles. To organise and keep everyone informed throughout the day was much appreciated! Wayne Waite described the day as a “Fantastic effort everyone on a very warm day love the family on SADRC Your all brilliant.” Sarah Thomas said “Another fantastic virtual Club Event. Loved it. Well done to everyone who took part. Amazing runs by everyone!” and as someone who watched from the page, Curtis Jones said it had “been brilliant watching this progress today. Well done all.”

Bring on next weeks challenge!

Side Note:

Not only do we have these weekly challenges, a lot of runners are achieving their own fantastic goals!

Wayne Waite completed his a half marathon on his running streak to celebrate day 100! "Well day 100 has come of running a mile or more a day and I managed to get 4 pbs for my half marathon which I completed in 2 hours 30 min 52 seconds absolutely chuffed to bits!" Well Done!

Robin Harrison celebrated his mile stone birthday, 21 again! By running a birthday Marathon! What a fantastic way to celebrate! Happy 60th Birthday Robin and congratulations on your MARATHON! No. 10 (of that distance or more)

Becky Hobson also spent lock down on her feet and HAS BECOME A MARATHON RUNNER!!! 5 Hours 37 minutes! What a fantastic achievement!!! MASSIVE WELL DONE TO YOU BECKY!!! You ran a fantastic marathon and stayed happy and smiling...and dare I say...secretly enjoyed it :D Becky finished the marathon with the support of Callum at the end!

Georgina Bache also ran a half marathon, not any half marathon though...A SUB TWO HOUR HALF MARATHON!! Well Done George, what a fantastic achievement!!!

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