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Sunday 19th April 2020

Sunday 20th April

It’s been a month since we all went into Lockdown. This week seems to have flown by, maybe because we are now getting into this “weird routine” if you can even call it a routine.

We have been busy bees this week though and it’s now time for the weekly…U P D A T E of nonsense :D

We shall start this week with a camel. A new animal to find on the picture, no cat this week, and no cat with no tail but a humped camel. First to find the little bliter was Natalie Mitchell. Once you see it, you cannot un see it, and then you question how did it take you 900 years to find it in the first place.

Don’t think though, our group isn’t over the cat business. We all seem to be obsessed with cats. Ben Turner telling us about his cat getting a ticket, and Shaun McGarry losing his cat in the bathroom! WE ARE ALL CAT MAD!!

Rob Ster then taught us all this week how useful a pan lid, and a SADRC hoodie can be. It’s his new and improved PPE, and with the additional idea from Martin Champman, it is also a new lunchtime snack!

This weekend should have been the Boston Half and Marathon races. The things you do for a bit of bling that looks like a ship! Even though it was not on, we had an incredible amount of runners run their own virtual half marathons! I will applaud them in a minute, but let’s take a minute and appreciate the ‘crazy’ ones first. First up, Louise Darrington swapped her whisk for her garden and ran laps around her garden…I mean why wouldn’t you! There were a lot of water stops on route, which made the lovely weather bearable. And with plenty of support from Postman Brian, oh and MORE CATS, Louise finished the half (15 miler) with a great time, no matter what Strava says. Not only Louise took on the garden challenge, but Emma Marshall-Telfer decided to up it and run for 6 hours to see how far she could run in her garden for. Wearing very appropriate orange and black leggings, Emma ran an impressive 22 miles! The mint tea and mars bar helped Emma along on Sunday Morning. I don’t think either ladies will be keep to water their garden any time soon!

Lets have a shout out to who else ran the Boston Half virtual Marathon on Sunday. I apologise with who I miss, I won’t lie, its down to whether or not I have you on Strava, or have you as a Strava friend.

Lets have a Whoop Whoop to….Mark Sands, Angela Thompson, Emmajean Hearn, Eleanor Marsh, Sarah Thomas, Lee Cook, Ed Crawford and Martin Chapman! You are all superstars…hope you all celebrated with something nautical with a nod to Boston!

Kudos to our youngest SADRC member Callum Hobson who ran his first 10km on Sunday! 1 hour 11 minutes is a fantastic time…you most certainly are one to watch!

This week, sticking with routine we ran our Virtual ParkRun again. Thanks once again to Lora for organising this and getting us all up on a Saturday Moring. 38 runners took part in the joyous 5km with Mark Sands and Angela Thompson finishing 1st for the male and female groups aswell as Lee Cook running a great 5km PB in a time of 23.49.

There were a few ‘flashback’ moments this week. Rebecca Grice remembered last year’s Boston Marathon with so many members running their first half or full marathon! Georgina Bache remembering when Spilsby had an amazing turnout for their first couch to 5k with Skegness and District Running Club. 34 new runners taking on the challenge! Aswell as Elaine Broomfield remembering the time Tim fell into the creek....a SADRC Classic Moment!

There were also some words of wisdom this week. Ian Scott informing us all that if we are ever in need to beat a hippo, use a bike! And Mark Sands reminding us all that we all have our bad runs, but our bad runs are some peoples best runs!

So many members taking up the pedals and getting on their bikes. It is great to see a mix of activity, and apparently it does all help with the running….I am yet to believe this. But something I do know is if you keep up with cycling we will all have legs like Ash Brown! Silver lining in everything!

During this time I would like to make a big SHOUT OUT to all the amazing NHS employees at the moment. Key mentions to our own NHS workers such as Sanjiv Jain, Mickaela Crane, and Jason Green just to mention a few. You are doing such an amazing job, and making us all so proud….THANK YOU for everything you are doing!! <3

Another big thank you to everyone else who is making the world go round at the moment. Our resident Firefighter Bob Green is doing a fantastic job supporting the community and helping with emergencies, Thank you! Dave Kenyon is also keeping the world go round with his vet practise. We need to keep our furry babies safe and sound too....THANK YOU! Anyone else who works in the supermarkets, lorry drivers, teachers, we cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing!

If you see any Key Workers whilst out and about, shout thank you! YOU ARE AMAZING!




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