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Sunday 19th September 2021

Sunday 19th September 2021

Sunday 19th September

EQUINOX....One of our most favourite weekends of the year!

This year we had 3 fabulous ladies take part in the 24hr event. It’s a lapped 10km course which takes part at Belvoir Castle. Julie Cartwright took part in this event for the first time. This was Julies first race longer than 10km, and what a race to take part in. Julie completed 6 laps, 1 more than her attended target! An excellent run, and congratulations Julie.

Emma Marshall Telfer and Louise Darrington are seasoned pros on this rave and both completed 100km of the route! An epic run from both of them. Whilst I write this they have said never again, but knowing this two, anything is possible.

There was also a night and day 10km race where we had a few members take part. Brian Darrington finished with a fantastic 10km time of 41:27 and finishing 4th male. An excellent time after a full days work. It was the run for couples at Equinox. Robin and Carol Harrison took part in the 10km event with Robin finishing with a time of 57:55 and Carol finishing in 1:16:23. Jimmy and Emmajean Hearne also completed the event both completing the day and night 10km. 1:09:19 and 1:06:46 respectively. Dave and Roenel Kenyon completed the night 10km to keep going with their 10kms throughout the year. They both completed it together in a time of 1:19:58. Congratulations to you all. Tempted to do the full next year?

Paul Wilson ran the Rutland Marathon finishing in 3rd place in his age category. An excellent run in a time of 3:46:08. The Rutland Half Marathon was also on with Mark Sands taking part. Mark thoroughly enjoyed the route finishing with 1:23:59. A great time on a warm autumn day.

Friskney half also took park on Sunday with a debut SADRC runner Darren Fissenden. Leanne Rickett took park in a training run ready for London. All runners completed the flat warm route in great times. Excellent running by all.

The Humber Coastal was on this weekend, with a great turnout from SADRC. It’s a firm favourite with the club, and 17 runners enjoyed the morning. Martin Champan came in as the first male for SADRC with a time of 46:22 followed by Jonathan Francis (48:05) and Ben Livingstone (52:01).

For the ladies, and a couple of new ladies paved the way to welcome the ladies home. First home was Coral Clark finishing dead on 50 minutes followed quickly by Henrietta Wells 5 seconds behind. Cheryl Pawson is making an excellent come back after a plague of injuries and finished sub 1hour in 58:52.

Lora Hawkins was chuffed with her result at the race, going under the hour with Mickaela Crane as support and fantastic running partner. Barry and Janet Norton both ran a great race along with Becky Hobson after her fantastic run in Newcastle last weekend. Gill Parkes ran the race raising money for Alzheimer’s Society. Gill raised over £100 and smashed her previous PB by 3 minutes.

Club nights are back!

Spilsby on Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Horncastle on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Boston on Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Skegness on Thursdays @ 6:30pm

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