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Sunday 22nd March 2020


Ahead are tough times! We will get through the other side but it looks like it might be a long slog to get there! This is where the importance of a "Running Family" comes into play!

WE WILL get through this, if we stick together and help one another. It does not need to be in the form of money, milk or loo rolls BUT with a listening ear or just a friendly face (in a distance)

If anyone needs anything, talk to us! I am sure we speak on behalf of everyone that if you need a chat or just a listening ear we will be here for you! If you need any help, please talk to us. No judgement, no competition, just a running family! 💕💕

We will get through this on the other side....

Keep safe, stay safe and keep running....for as long as you can....fresh air does does cake when you finish!

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