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Sunday 24th May 2020

Sunday 24th May 2020

Sunday the 24th May brought something a little different to the Skegness and District Running Club members in the shape of a scavenger hunt.

Club members have been making the most of their outdoor exercise and motivating each other by setting a weekly challenge. This one was all about getting out in the open, looking at your surroundings and also involving the wider SADRC family, recruiting partners and children to take part.

Members were issued with a list of 50 'things' to find, take a photo of and send in within a 3 hour period to claim glory (although it was just for fun). To involve everyone we had a runners and walkers category.

The winning duo for the runners was Robin and Carol Harrison, from Horncastle. Who entertained with some amusing finds, especially Carol's 'something you can hide under'. Very close behind them, by seconds infact, was Woodhall Spa's Rebecca Grice. Becca had a bit of trouble with the 'L plates' but got there in the end and the 'green tractor' appeared like an epiphany in the nick of time!

Helena and Andy Shelton had to get creative for their 'farm animal' which turned out to be a herd of plastic cows and Helena had some explaining to do at the boat yard in order to access the elusive green tractor. Those cows helped them to third place after covering approx 13 miles between them to complete the challenge.

The walkers did a fantastic job too and actually managed the task quicker than some of the runners. I think the clever kids had something to do with that. Alex Mitchell and daughter Emi had a great time and managed to get inventive with the Lego to create a few 'things' they couldnt find including a Lego man climbing over a style and a bus stop.

Alison Cook, Jocelyn and Meg the dog took second place. No problem finding the items in their rural location. Elaine Mitchell and partner waited with baited breath to see if they had gained their bonus point by spotting another SADRC member from afar. Boston's Jess Cooper did indeed confirm she had been papped across the river in Boston.

Some members went to extraordinary lengths to complete their list including flour footprints in the kitchen, hand drawn 'L plates'. It was heartening to see that nobody had any problem in finding the 'rainbow in the window's or the 'dedication to NHS/keyworkers' to commemorate the hard work going on around us which has lead to the SADRC members taking part in these challenges in the first place.

Skegness and District Running club would like to extend their well wishes and gratitude to everyone at this difficult time.

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