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Sunday 26th April 2020

Sunday 26th April 2020

It’s a new week! Can you believe that it will be May this week! How is it May?! WHERE DID APRIL GO?!?! Bit of a blur wasn’t it, but we have all stuck together and are getting through this together!

What’s been happening in the lives of SADRC runners I hear you ask….well why I don’t tell you! Or as much as they share on the facebook page!

No.1….I would love to tell you that everyone is over the whole cat situation BUT…we did have a curve ball with some pigeons that low and behold had something to do with cats which Amy Lambley decided to share! Natasha Haynes tried to avoid cars with birds and tree but then Louise Darrington shared her cat picture, and one thing led to another! I mean, another week, another week of being cat crazy! and If you believe it, I had a cat stuck up my tree….for an hour we were trying to tempt down that cat! What is the link between lockdown and cats?!?1 Answers on a postcard?!?! Does it have a link with us all being locked in like crazy cat women OR men!

What is lovely and has started this week is the Darrington’s are becoming the best editors and creating a SADRC poem style video including lots of SADRC runners. I cannot wait to see the final edit. It’s times like these where we come together and give out a positive message!

We have all started missing club nights! Who would have thought we would have missed running! Dave Kenyon and his family were seen outside the bull, trying to relive the Wednesday night sessions. Unfortunately beer was not included!

The Sheltons are planning to do a virtual club night this Thursday which should be great! Warm up, run and cool down…it is still at a planning stage, and will report back next week!

Lora Hawkins organised ParkRun Virtual #5. Week 5…week 5! Yes we have been in this situation for now 5 weeks. Mark Sands came up trumps running with the fastest time but PB Chris Sweeney was hot on his heels. A fantastic 5km PB….Well Done!! It wasn’t just the Sweeney with a PB but Chris Hurst ran a 5km PB too! Maybe you had to be called Chris this week! Fantastic running from both gentlemen! It is also great to see Graham Farley back with his running trainers on!

On Sunday it should have been the London Marathon! Many SADRC should have been running such as Angela Thompson running her first London Marathon (how is it only your first). Dawn Allen and Abby Herdman were both due to run, but with their friend Arabella decided to all run 1/3 of the distance each which was a lovely idea and all three ladies completed it with great times!

Ian Kocko got everyone to share photos of their London Marathons which was lovely. Stuart Cragg showing some of his earlier memories of the marathon aswell as Colin Chambers! On the TV they showed the first ever London Marathon which inspired so many people such as Colin and Emma. It’s amazing what the London Marathon can do, and I have my fingers crossed that everyone will be able to run it in October!

Instead of running the London Marathon there was a 26.2 mile (in any form, move and change that point around) challenge some members took on! Carol Daulat and Rebecca Grice both ran 26.2 miles in the week! Chris Hurst ran 26.2km on Sunday, along with Sarah and Shawn Thomas and Gail Davis all completing their 2.6 London Marathon Challenge.

Another top debate this week was Goodr sunglasses. Its been a trend this lockdown along with hot tubs to buy a pair of sunglasses! Martin Champan was interested but only if they came in pink…..wait I mean crimson! Elaine Broomfield has been swayed with getting a pair aswell as Natalie Mitchell and Sally Cadle. Wonder what design they will get! Mine are called Hungover in the Oasis. I mean if there was ever a reason to get a pair….get a pair purely because of the name! Genius!!!

Callum Hobsan ran his first half marathon this week too! Future SADRC member! An amazing achievement! WELL DONE!!!

It’s been a funny week but it’s another week closer to being back together!

During this time I would like to make a big SHOUT OUT to all the amazing NHS employees at the moment. Key mentions to our own NHS workers such as Jonathan Francis, Nicky Dodwell and Helen Kennedy just to mention a few. You are doing such an amazing job, and making us all so proud….THANK YOU for everything you are doing!! <3

Another big thank you to everyone else who is making the world go round at the moment. This week we thank Joyce Baumber who is working with children at the local nursery looking after Key Workers little ones along with Alex Mitchell who is working at the Local Primary School aswell as Matt West and Ruth Archer who work as Teachers in Secondary Schools....THANK YOU for looking after our Key Workers littles one! Anyone else who works in the supermarkets, lorry drivers, teachers, we cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing!

If you see any Key Workers whilst out and about, shout thank you! YOU ARE AMAZING!

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