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Sunday 26th September 2021

Sunday 26th September

Thank you to Wolds Veteran Runners Club for a great morning at the clickem Inn 5 miler. It was great to be back running this route again!

Sandringham 10km

Congratulations to Alan, Treena, Janet and Barry for all completing the Sandringham 10km this morning. Brand new for 2021, Run Sandringham looks forward to welcoming thousands of runners of all abilities and ages to the Royal Estate. Great running from the SADRC Quartet.

Lunacy 10km

A great morning at Lunacy 10km run at Hatcliffe this morning. A multi terrain 10km run with water, mud, hills and more hills. Nothing says team bonding than pushing each other up a hill or making sure you support each other up a muddy bank! Great fun, wet trainers and fantastic company! Go Team Skegness Lunatics

SADRC traveled to a couple of local halves this weekend too

Nottingham Half Marathon for first time SADRC Vest Runners Darren and Lydia who enjoyed there run on Saturday. A great course on a very muggy hot day!

Then we have Gareth who ran Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday. Beating his previous Boston half marathon time. Gareth says there were glorious views of the Peak District halfway round, too. A highly recommended run. Great half marathon running from all 3 runners!

Well Done everyone :D

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