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Sunday 27th August 2023

Jane Martin Reaches DAY 100!

A HUGE shout out to Jane Martin who today completed a Marathon on Sunday to mark day 1000 of running at least a mile every day!!!

Jane was joined from 9am by various club members and friends running for an hour, a quick pit stop at home and back out again!

All weathers Jane faced today, extreme heat and torrential rain BUT SHE DID IT! and in an incredible time of 4 hours 33 minutes which was her aim with an ABBA soundtrack helping her round! Congratulations to Paul as well who ran his first every Marathon today! Once committed so far, you might as well keep on going!!!

What an incredible achievement! Congratulations!!

Leanne and Darren travelled to Northampton to compete in the Battlefield Run 2023. The route takes you from the beautiful village of Naseby out on to some of the quietest picturesque roads with rolling hills and stunning views. Leanne ran the 10km race finishing 3rd lady overall and won a beautiful trophy to boot! Darren ran the 10km and finished in 43:55 minutes. Darren ran a 5km personal best just running over the 20 minute mark! Congratulations!

Hope you all enjoy the bank holiday Monday! Keep Running :D

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