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Sunday 2nd June 2019

Sunday 2nd June

The Bolingbroke Breaker 10km. The first Wednesday night series event held by SADRC. It is an undulating 10km around the Wolds, as is a popular event for local clubs. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side on Wednesday however a spirited 108 runners turned up for the starting line in the rain.

It was a fantastic evening which saw everyone complete the course. Within the 108 runners, 34 were members of SADRC. Mark Sands finished first with a time of 35:38 followed by Paul Jackson crossing the line 3rd in a time of 37:37 and Chris Reader crossing the line 9th. Angela Thompson has recovered from her marathon a couple of weeks ago, and finished 3rd lady back with a time of 44:34. Gail Davis finished 2nd SADRC Lady with a time of 51:27.

It was a first time 10km race for Maureen McMillan who finished the course in a time of 1:27:33. Lee Cook ran a fantastic 10km PB time of 52:42 and was extremely happy with how the race went.

There were many SADRC running the course for the first time such as Luke Haynes (45:32), Oliver Martin (42:29), Elaine Mitchell (1:04:58) and Denise Andrews (1:12:48).

A few course PBs were achieved on Wednesday night too. Chris Reader who finished in a time of 39:29. Martin Champan who ran in 45:56, Emmajean Hearn (54:28) and Louise Darrington running in a time of 1:00:53.

Woodhall Spa 10km, the one race in the year where you can guarantee it will be like an outdoor oven, and it did not disappoint this year. The week build up was incredibly muggy and this continued throughout the run!

74 orange and black vests crossed the line at Jubilee Park, and combated the heat in fantastic style. We won’t mention, the elephant who over took a few people, an elephant in full costume, in this heat…wow!

Chris Reader crossed the line as SADRC first runner with a time of 39:49, followed by Ed Crawford finishing with 40:33 and Giles Favell crossing the line at 42:22.

For the ladies, Leanne Rickett crossed first for SADRC in a time of 48:17. Gail Davis crossed second with a time of 50:51 followed by Miranda Hall in a time of 56.23. Fantastic running in the morning heat!

Despite the weather, PBs were made at Woodhall 10km. Brian Darrington is having a fantastic year of running and gave himself a new 10km PB knocking 50 seconds off his previous time, finishing in 43:53. Lee Cook completed a new PB with a time of 50:47. Rebecca Grice took off a minute and half finishing in a time of 57:05. Joyce Baumber ran her second Woodhall Spa 10km with a PB run of 1:11:05.

Ed Webster made his UK 10km debut at Woodhall running a chip time of 57:14. Rob Goddard, even after Liverpool Marathon last weekend ran a 58:49 10km.

Congratulations to everyone who ran today in those conditions, with too many names to mention, here are a few who ran an excellent 10km. Alex Martin (57:25), Kate Howard (59:12), Julia Rayson (1:02:51), Becky Hobson (1:06:00), Jodie Millen (1:08:32), Geraldine Shannon (1:10:04) and newly married Katy Cridland (1:09:20).

Elsewhere, Colin Chambers ran the Jane Tomlinson Hull Half Marathon on Sunday. The course runs around all the attractions of Hull including The Deep, Humber Dock Marina, Hull City Hall and the University of Hull before heading back for the grand finish in the heart of the city centre. Colin Chambers finished the race in a time of 1hour52 minutes. Finishing 1st in his new age category for 75+. This run was to qualify for a place within the Half Marathon England Age Group Masters Team . We await confirmation, but we know Colin works extremely hard at his running, and fingers crossed, deserves this achievement. Good Luck Colin!

Check out SADRC BRAND NEW website, now live!

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