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Sunday 4th August 2019

Sunday 4th August 2019

The running conditions this weekend were very different from the washout last weekend. Three of the club members took to the streets of York today. To complete in the Jane Tomlinson Run for All 10k road race. First back for the club Dave Kenyon 49.51, then Steve Collins 57.38 and Robin Harrison 59.32. Robin and Steve both said that they found the heat a struggle but pleased to complete the course within the hour. Well done to the three of you!

Over in Peterborough, Sublime TWENTY4, Chris Bertins became an ULTRA MARATHONER!!! Chris ran 10k loops throughout the day in unbearable heat to run an incredible 75km which is around 46 miles! Chris thanks everyone for their support, and is ready for his next challenge of 50 miles in October. Fantastic Running Chris.

Sarah Thomas was also running this Sunday, from Spilsby to Boston. This was a different kind of race, a personal one, to celebrate her fight against cancer. Its five years since bowel surgery and what better way than going for a run, with friends from the club. Sarah ran 15 and a half miles, her furthest ever run. Whilst others joined her to run their own distances. Even the club’s serial marathon runner Guy Hatton took a weekend out to run with her, only doing 24 miles this weekend, not 26.2 !!! Congratulations to Sarah, and to all who were able to run with her today.

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