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Sunday 5th April 2020

Sunday 5th April

…and just like that, we are in April!


So whats been happening with the SADRC runners this week!

Well TOP NEWS….Leanne found her old school Budapest Green Monster Cap! It was a win win with this beautiful weather and finding this hat, to protect whilst sunbathing in the garden!

The big talk over the weekend was…WHERE IS THE CAT?!

We had mixed reviews about this. A lot of frustrated runners but not for Steph Scott, who homed her cat vibes and found that bad boy with no tail straight away! Ben Turner just got frustrated with the whole picture, even 5 hours later…and Tammy Rainbow admitted she never really liked cats anyway!

Robin Harrison set another challenge this week! A 5km or 10km run along the trails. Go out and see if you can find a new route, a new public footpath or bridle way and go and explore…whilst staying safe!

A good topic of conversation this week was what was no.1 when you were 12! We classed this as your quarantine song! My personal favourites were Craig Tuplins “Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini,” Sarah Daniels “Kylie and Jason - Especially for You” an absolute classic and Ian Dexter with “Come on Eileen.” Some belters and was great to see everyone getting involved and reliving some musical magical moments!

Lora Hawkins did the famous Virtual Parkrun #2 this week. A great number of runners taking part with Martin Champman and Angela Thompson taking their gender positions this week!

We also found out that this week, Martin Beagley used to be a speed machine!!! 72 minutes for a half marathon! ….and he hasn’t aged a day since that photo either!

We do have a few injuries among us, so I wish speedy recoveries for you all! YOU WILL COME BACK…stronger and better! Just takes time, but time is something we all take for granted. Enjoy the process of getting better, easier said than done, but listen to your body!

Mark Sands did post an EXTRA workout just in case anyone wanted to expand their exercising range which a mix of V Sits, Windmills and Mountain Climbers. Our own version of Joe Wicks!

During this time I would like to make a big SHOUT OUT to the NHS at the moment. Key mentions to our own NHS workers such as Alistair Frost, Hannah Champan and Lee Cook just to mention a few. You are doing such an amazing job, and making us all so proud….THANK YOU!

Another big thank you to everyone else who is making the world go round at the moment. Brian Darrington who is our resident Postman. Thank You for what you are doing! Also to our resident Prison Officer, Craig Tuplin doing a fantastic job in Boston....THANK YOU! Anyone else who works in the supermarkets, lorry drivers, teachers, we cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing!

If you see any Key Workers whilst out and about, shout thank you! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Keep talking SADRC



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