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Sunday 11 September 2023

What a fun filled weekend with members everywhere!

First up we talk about marathons! I mean, I give you all credit running a marathon in 900 degree heat be it in England or in Lithuania. Who would have thought it would be a heatwave in September, actually, this is England, I wouldn't be surprised to see snow next week!

Shout out to Darren Fissenden who traveled up to Richmond Upon Thames to take part in their Marathon at RunFEST! Darren finished in sub 4 hours in 3:55:54. Darren said it was the hardest marathon he had ever run, but running in this heat is hard work, and nothing should be taken away on an absolutely fantastic effort.

Andy Shelton and Phillip Weaver traveled to run a marathon in Lithuania with on of our old SADRC, Kes. Andy finished in 3:30:43 along with Kes who finished in 3:31:28 and Phillip Weaver in a time of 3:28:34. Running a marathon in a new country is always beautiful and always exciting. Andy has described the location "as a hidden gem." Excellent running from you both running in a beautiful new city.

Along with the marathon runners, we have the half marathons. At RunFest Leanne Rickett ran the half marathon on Sunday in sub 2 hour time in 1:57:46. In Lithuania, James Willis crossed the line in 1:57:05, no age categories but an excellent race for James. Helena Shelton has come back from a spring injury, but with sheer hard work and determination, finished the race in sub 3 hours in 2:57:04.

Defiantly adding Lithuania on the bucket list of places to visit!

The Great North Run 2023. The last race for Sir Mo Farah. I think we should start this section by saying Thank You. Thank you for the memories, the medals, the achievements, the entertainment and most importantly....THE MOBOT! You have been MoMarvelous!

Steven Dowse crossed the new AJBell GNR in 1:27:43 and finished 574 our of 60,000 runners which is an incredible run! Becki Atkinson ran her 7th GNR and classed it as her "toughest yet." Becki crossed the famous line in 2:02:12. Jessica Gilbert and Amy Andrews ran together in Newcastle. They finished the race in 2:06:23. A wonderful race to share together as friends.

Shawn and Sarah Thomas, our Spilsby Power Couple ran the race together. They have classed it as a "race of two halves." The sunshine at the start and then the tremendous downpour in the second. They have both done the race multiple times and still class it as one of their favorites. Shawn and Sarah crossed the South Shields line in 2:37:22. Congratulations.

Dave Kenyon ran the race up North and finished in 1:57:00 with Alex South minutes later in 2:00:05. Fantastic running from you both considering the hea and the insane mass of people.

Congratulations to all 8 of you. The GNR is such a special event, such an experience with Beer at mile 10 and if your lucky an ice pop along the way. It is defiantly one to add to the bucket list of runners! Did anyone see the gentleman running who was 102! 102!!! I mean...if that doesn't give you encouragement, determination and a passion of not giving up, nothing will!

What a wonderful week of running, out and about.

Maybe next week, it might cool down a degree or two! This weather is lovely, but it does make running pretty hard!

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