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Sunday 5th May 2024

Did someone ask for the sunshine!

Its only taken 5 months, but the sunshine is finally here! We shall not moan about it....but lets be honest, we are British, its probably too hot for us all!

Congratulations to the Carpenters who ran the 33rd Langtoft 10km. They did not say it was cough "very hot" cough! Derrick cant get enough of these races at the moment, one weeks its a marathon, half the next and this week a 10km. Kate Carpenter ran her 2nd quickest 10km with a fantastic time of 54:04. Followed by Fearne who ran in 56:13. Well Done to the awesome trio!

Kings Lynn 10km. 5 SADRC took to the streets of this popular 10km route. Andrew Thompson finished first for the club in 37:22 and 38th overall. Andy Johnson finished in 45:22. Our other awesome family trio, the Hearnes took part in their annual Kings Lynn 10km event. After the marathon last week, Emmajean couldnt resist. Emmajean finished in a fantastic 53:21. Jimmy followed, beating last weeks 1:00:01 time in sub 1hr in 59:42 and Sophie-Jane in 1hr12. Andy commented on the "great support and music" around the course.

Rob Ster travelled to Birmingham will Gill this weekend to tackle his next 3 sets of races to raise money for Cats Protection. Rob is planning to run 20 races this year all to raise money for fantastic charities. Rob finished his 10km in 1hr08 . Albeit Rob got a little lost, and completed more of a 15km race, it was still a minute faster than last week! Fantastic running!

This weekend was also our monthly SADRC 5km Boating Lake. This happens every week, and everyone is welcome to take on the lapped course with the beach in the background. 9am on the first Sunday of the month! Come and give it a go!

GUESS WHATS BACK....WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERIES! Croxby Crawl started the series back! A one lap 4.4 mile route with some beautiful hills to give you some stunning views of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Steven Dowse ( 25.06) and Jenson Winsor (25.19) came in 5th and 6th respectively. Excellent running, and a new venture for Jenson. Paul Jackson was close behind with 28.06. Chris Hurst finished in 34.04.

Jenny Hunt finished first for the ladies of SADRC with a time of 34.03 with Janet Harmston in 38.12.

We had great numbers at this Croxby, a strong showing of black and orange. Phillip Prowse (38.30), Alex South (39.22), Rebecca Atkinson and Jane Martin finishing in 41.52, and Martin Jones in 44.48. Fingers crossed we can keep getting great numbers at the Wednesday night series races.

The hills are great to build up stamina... I promise!

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