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Sunday 10th May 2020

Updated: May 25, 2020

Sunday 10th May 2020

Lockdown week 8. It’s stuck around hasn’t it!

8 weeks without seeing your friend’s week in week out at run club, having a social drink, run and chat. These times are some of the only times the members have to themselves. An hour of escape from whatever it might be. It could be an hour away from the dog, the family, work or just the 4 walls.

We are using our Facebook platform to try and keep everyone motivated. Members have been writing their achievements on the page, struggles, funny jokes, hidden pictures or just that they need their eyebrows waxing. It’s a great place to feel part of something and is a way for everyone to keep up to date with each other. It’s making the time when we can all run again together feel closer and closer.

May the 10th, and the third bank holiday without a club night, and the Boston Site thought it would be a great opportunity to do something together! A planned 26.2 mile marathon relay in teams. A chance to virtually get together, wear the vest and feel part of a team again!

Leanne Rickett organised the teams. We had 10 teams of 5 people; mixed ability and suitable for all. Each team had to run 5 legs; 2x5kms and 3x10kms, with a group of people from across all sites. All teams were equally paced via their 5km times so was a chance for anyone to win! It was also a fantastic opportunity to talk to other members you might not get the chance to normally via social messenger.

9:30am on Sunday and boy oh boy was it windy, rainy and very very cold! Couldn’t have chosen a better day. The whole weekend was beautiful but Sunday morning seemed to be the very opposite. The teams were OFF! Teams could organise their team whichever way they wanted and just had to let each other know when they were back!

The winning team was ‘Running on Empty’ which included Amy Lambley, Lee Cook, Dave Kenyon, Guy Hatton (all the way from Spain) and Callum Hobson (our youngest member.) We use the team winner, but it was really a chance for us all to have fun, have a purpose to run again and for our own sanity (2nd was We’ve got the Runs and 3rd place was Rapid Thigh Movement)

It was amazing to see how much having a reason to run for changes your running! We really hope everyone enjoyed themselves. It was great to see so many positive posts, PBS, distances and was even better to share in everyone’s achievements.

Big thank you to Leanne, Rebecca Grice and the Boston Running Leaders for all their help organising the event. Watch out…virtual 12 hour relay is on the horizon!

Hopefully, as each day passes we are one step closer to being back together! Once lockdown is over, we are ready for club nights. Open to everyone, suitable for all. Just get together, have a chat and a drink….tea or beer….the choice is yours!

Spilsby @ 6:30pm on Tuesday Horncastle @ 6:30pm on Wednesday Skegness @ 6:30pm on Thursday Boston @ 7pm on Thursday

Everyone welcome :D Stay Positive and KEEP SMILING <3

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