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Sunday 31st March 2024

As Easter hit, this weekend served up more eggs than events. But it’s a great opportunity to recap the last few weeks of action.

Photo of the week goes to our very own club chairman during his North Lincs Half Marathon Run! How brilliant is this!!

Last weekend saw Jack Kennel (in 05:08:32 achieving 12th Place) & Julie Goodwin (08:19:33) successfully tackle the coastal breeze by completing Curly’s seaside ultra marathon supported by our very own SADRC stand cheering them & the other runners on.

Jane Martin continued her fine form this year with a time of 01:58:01 at the hilly & windy Hastings Half. At Thorney 10km the Fab Four of Steven Dowse, Andrew Thompson, Becki Atkinson & Leanne Rickett battled a 5km head wind to claim 9th in the team standings.

Rewind a further week and we saw a huge turnout out in Scunthorpe for the North Lincs Half & 10km which saw a host of PBs despite the abysmal weather. In the half Lee Mullen (01:12:10) was first back for the club closely tailed by Jenson Windsor (01:12:41) Steven Dowse (01:16:46)rounded off the top 3, all 3 being PBs. For the ladies, Jenny hunt was first back (01:45:43) followed by Alex South (Huge PB of 01:51:47) and Leanne Rickett (1:54:21). Special mention has to go to Sally Sharp (02:05:43) & Lora Robinson (02:06:00) knocking ten and twelve minutes off their respective PBs.

Back at the start of the month it was a Nottingham affair with Brian Hawkins getting his 2nd quickest 10km time at the windy Holme pierpoint 10km. Over in the city centre on a more sheltered but hilly course at Run for All Nottingham 10km, Steven Dowse finished 2nd overall in a field of 1500 runners with Becki Atkinson & Chris Hurst also finishing in great times.

Throughout the last 3 weeks we also had representation at Oundle 10km by Derek (40:41) and Fearne carpenter (52:18) and Andy Johnson (45:41), at the challenging Burghley 7 by Carla Whiteley & Claire Harness and Sherwood Half by Amy Mitchell (02:07:01).

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