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Sunday 1st October 2023

SADRC went all over this weekend. England, Scotland and Wales! Its so great to see SADRC travelling to races and representing the club. One of the best things about being a SADRC runner is everyone knows where "Skeggy" is which means the support you get on route is extra special!

We shall start in bonnie Scotland. A huge congratulations to Lee Cook and Sarah Dowling who both completed the Loch Ness Marathon...or we we like to call it, the race with free soup at the end! Which soup you get is the surprise! A beautiful run along Loch Ness which the question being asked "Will you see Nessie?" and the official response being "Maybe aye, maybe nae."

Lee Cook ran a huge PB knocking 19 minutes off his previous time. Lee has trained so hard for this race, and it was wonderful to see such a fantastic result in crossing the line at 4:13:32. Sarah Dowling ran very well, and crossed the line just before Lee in a time of 4:05:31. Excellent running from you both. Congratulations!

Next up, Steven Dowse and Becki Atkinson attended the Great Scottish Run is Glasgow. This was Becki's 30th Half Marathon and celebrated with a 3rd fastest finish of her half marathons. Running a time of 1:56:41. An impressive time with the wind and the hills but all in preparation for the big event in a couple of weeks time. Steven Dowse ran in the 10km and finished in 31st place in a time of 36:01. Another great run considering it wasn't a flat course.

Congratulations to you both, and also for getting that all important letter "Q" for your ParkuRun Alphabet!

We now head to Wales! And the start of the SuperHalfs tour for Rebecca Grice, Darren Fissenden and Leanne Rickett. The SuperHalfs consist of Cardiff, Valencia, Lisbon, Prague and Copenhagen Half Marathons which equates to a fantastic large medal. 2 years to complete this and this weekend they started with their first, Cardiff Half Marathon!

27,000 runners attended this fantastic and insanely humid race over the weekend. The support on route was fantastic along with the organisation and the course. A beautiful well supported course which goes along Cardiff Bay which is stunning.

A very fast and flat course, with the winner just edging past the 1 hour mark. Darren finished first for SADRC in a time of 1:44:15 in preparation for Chester Marathon next week. Leanne followed finishing in 1:55:19 enjoying every bit of the course, and being the top encourager saying the dreaded words on route "only a parkrun left to run!"Rebecca crossed the line in 2:54:11 which she was over the moon with!

Next the 3 take on Valencia to get another stamp on their SuperHalf Passort!

Now for England. This weekend the 3 amigos went to West Pinchbeck 10km. A lovely local 10km race along the fens. James Willis (48:31), Jason Green (51:26) and Alan Fountain (57:07). Alan enjoyed the race as it was "fast and not too warm." Very good racing conditions indeed!

We dont normally mention parkruns but special mention to Simon Wise who ran 5km PB "race" at Parkrun on Saturday at Doddington in an incredible time of 19:56. Going under that special 20 minute mark! Congratulations!

Great running from around the United Kingdom this weekend! Next weekend sees a mass group attend Chester Marathon. Already looking forward to hearing about that! Have a great week :)

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