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Sunday 23rd April 2023

Updated: May 14, 2023

This is it. This is the London Marathon weekend!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS TO all SADRC who took part this weekend!

Ash Brown raced to present SADRC as our club place in 2020. Brian Darrington (3hr21; who has waited 13 years for this moment, and we couldn't be more happy for you to cross that start line), Andy Shelton (3hr15: his 3rd fastest marathon), Mark Sands (3hr02) and Paul Wilson (3hr47) all running in their Good for Age categories!

Dawn Cawston-Sellars (4hr54: ) who managed to get into the ballot, again! Mark Collingwood ran a very strong race especially with such a busy timetable this year (3hr29). Amy Mitchel (5hr20) was a fantastic race guide for a friend, who we saw on TV right at the start of the race! Cheryl Pawson crossed the line in 5hr31, even with a dodgy week of health, absolutly powered through and crossed the line! Ash Brown (3h27) and Dawn Cawston-Sellars both ran PB races this weekend in the rainy city of London which a huge achievement in a very busy Marathon!

Words cant explain how much emotion you feel during a marathon! But run a marathon with the best of the best, and share that moment with 40,000 other epic, insane, strong runners....its one hell of a feeling!

As one of our runners said "Too emotional for words."

Congratulations to Matt Stephens who took part in The Longhorn race this weekend. A race in a beautiful setting with one of the best medals around! The race is set in the beautiful grounds of Thorsby Hall.

Leanne Rickett and Darren Fissenden travelled to take part in the Yorkshire Wildlife 10km to see the Lions, Tigers and Bears! Darren ran an incredible race, one week after a marathon, finishing 4th in his age category and 59 seconds short of personal best. It was a mixed terrain route and very twisty but both were rewarded with a cake at the finish line...and tickets to the zoo after!

Congratulations to everyone who has ran this weekend. Hands up, who has put their name in the ballot for next years London Marathon already!??

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