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Sunday 29th May 2022: Home and Away

Three took the high road and more took the local low road….

This weekend has seen many of our members stay close to home and three of our friends go on a Scottish adventure.

The Revesby Run has been a four run series of 5 and 10 mile runs that began in November. The club has been well represented at all four and they have been runs our members have looked forward to every time. So a massive thanks and well done to Trident Sports Events for providing some well organised much needed local running events.

At today’s finale Amy Lambley ran away with first ( young ) senior lady home over ten miles, meaning a third place overall in the ten mile event. Alongside this, Fran Stimson went and steamed off with second place in the 5 mile series. Local lad Brian Darrington put in another consistently impressive run being 1st veteran today resulting in a 2nd overall for the 10 mile series. Mark Sands also proved again that hard work does pay off by continuing the fine vein of running form and taking first place overall in the ten mile event.

Meanwhile 308 miles away in Edinburgh three of our members, Samantha Fox, Stephen Dowse and Rebecca Louise Atkinson flew the Skegness flag in Scotland , by way of wearing the their Skegness vests around 13.1 miles. After a run through Edinburgh’s Old Town they headed out to more familiar seaside views for around 8 miles of beautiful coastline to the east of Edinburgh through Portobello and a return ticket to Musselburgh. Extra kudos to them for representing our club so well and we hope they enjoyed what I thought looks like a dream of a half marathon route.

So, another weekend that proved Skegness and District Running Club members are winners whether they’re running home or away and adapt and enjoy a very wide variety of courses and conditions. To support this tomorrow, Monday any of our members from the four different training bases of Horncastle, Skegness, Spilsby and Boston will join together in East Kirkby for our new Speed ( awareness ? / Flying lessons ) training session on East Kirkby Airfield. You could join us too….please contact anyone through this website, or Facebook page.

Written by Alistair Frost.

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