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Sunday 31st May 2020

Sunday 31st May 2020

This weeks Sunday challenge was to see if SADRC members could run or walk 500 miles in a morning!

With temperatures reaching 26 degrees the race was on!

Maurice Tompkins started at midnight to make the most of the cooler weather and was joined by Maria Yuill at 6am! Both of them covered an insane amount of miles with Maurice waking from Boston to Woodhall Spa and back again covering 31.31 miles and Maria joining and covering 16.8 miles. What a fantastic team they make!

It was a race to avoid the morning heat therefore Martin Chapman and Chris Sweeny both ran pre 6am covering 15 miles each in Skegness along the coastline in the morning!

Guy Hatton is used to the heat now living in Spain, and I cannot but admire the routes with so much gradient. Guy covered 20 miles in the morning as well as adding to the Tennessee Challenge! Mark Collingwood also ran a very impressive 19.01 miles gaining 3rd furthest male in the morning!

Lora Hawkins ran in two stints to train for the summer Equinox running 16.44 miles whilst Tammy Rainbow ran the furthest this year with 15.6 and finished the day off at the beach! What a perfect day!

Fantastic efforts from 85 members who took part in the event 👏

Leanne Ricket and Martin Beagley ran 12 miles in the summer morning heat in Boston! Dave Kenyon ran a 10km in Horncastle then another 10km accompanied with his wife and new member to SADRC Roenel Kenyon! Dawn Allen and Eleanor Marsh both ran half marathons this morning to add to the SADRC tally in Spilsby! Treena Atkins ran her first 10km during the event with Helena Shelton in Skegness. A great achievement, Well Done!!

It was great to see so many runners running across all sites this morning! Weather you added 3 miles or 32 miles it all helped towards the challenge and we smashed the 500 mile marker and ran an incredible 797 miles which averages just over 9 miles per person!!!!

Incredible running from everyone! Well done! Also to thank Andy Shelton for organising the days events!!

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