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Sunday 4th February 2024

The Rauceby Ripper.

The only race you sign up with an unknown distance, but you full know you are going to be running between 7-10 miles! The Saturday race was a 9 mile multi-terrain loop around an estate.

A huge congratulations to Paul Jackson who finished the race first and won a fabulous trophy! With only 2 people crossing the line under the hour, Paul finished with 59:14. Congratulations, and another XC race with a fantastic result.

Mark Lyon followed with 1:08:29. Ed Crawford finished in a time of 1:09:38. Darren Fissenden crossed in 1:16:20. Angela Cragg ran in 1:20:10. Amy Mitchell finished in 1:23:28 with Jessica Gilbert 1:26:39. Well done to all our runners who represented the SADRC in this fantastic local race!

Over the weekend, we had some 5km PBs aswell. Fearne Carpenter ran a 5km in a time of 24:45. Fantastic running Fearne!!

We also had a group running at Boultham Park Run in Lincoln. Always nice to see where the SADRC vest shows up!

Enjoy your week :) Dont get blown away!

Remember, all sites welcome everyone. Come and give another site a go.

Horncastle: Every Monday at 6:30pm

Spilsby: Every Tuesday at 6:30pm

Skegness: Every Thursday at 6:30pm

Boston: Every Thursday at 6:30pm

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