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Sunday 6th December 2020

The club activities just keep on coming through the weekend!

This weekend we took part in a similar challenge we ran in May (26 degree weather). This weekend was very different, with freezing conditions but that did not stop us!!! Travel as far as we can as a club! Walk, run....all before midday!

SADRC Traveled 405.58 miles this morning

With some outstanding performances from everyone! We had an amazing 50 runners take part this morning averaging 8.1 miles per runner!

Some special mentions - Maurice travelling 31 miles this morning! What an insane gentleman!!! - So lovely to see Angela back running which is fantastic after a year of injury!! - Andy walked 6 miles....amazing effort after an operation, great to see you back! - Dawn, Ian, Martin and Chris all running over 14 mike's which was fantastic!!! - The Hearns running their isolated kms!! - So many running half marathons too!!

Thank you all so much for everyone's effort!

....never say only just done this! You have all been fantastic and can only say thank you!

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