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Sunday 7th May 2023

Sunday 7th May 2023

Not a busy Sunday, but races nevertheless!

James Willis travelled down south to Cornwall this weekend to win his age group in the Saltash Half Marathon today. What a result! ...(did anyone else have to Google Saltash?)

Becki and Steve took part in the first East Yorkshire Half Marathon at Burton Constable Hall. Steven finished in a fantastic 4th place time of 01:17:44. Becki crossed the line in a time of 1hr54.

Both ran PB which is incredible!

This trio are unstoppable this year!


This week, SADRC took on the Croxby Crawler event. Congratulations to Mark, Steven, Alex, Janet and Paul for all running the event. As always a great thanks to Cleethorpes AC for putting on the great race!

Great running as always SADRC!

We had a great Sunday Social as well.

We were joined by members from all locations for a 7ish mile route round Brinkhill and surrounding villages. Despite the hills everyone loved it that much we are doing Fordington next week!

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